You have the passion. You want to share it.

All that’s missing is a clear way to speak it so your audience gets it as well.

Whether you’re delivering your first talk for your business or creating a signature speech to become a keynote speaker, there are 3 things you need.


You’ve got a lot to share. Sort through your content and identify your core message so you make the impact you desire. Get the clarity you need to share your story with ease and make a real difference for your audience.



You don’t need to speak like anyone else. Discover your unique speaker style that is the right fit for you. Learn how to capitalize on your natural strengths and fill in the gaps of your weaknesses.


Discover the most powerful and compelling pieces of your message. Adjust your talk to focus on what the audience really needs. Get the right feedback to know your message will land with lasting impact.


I’ve always had a fascination with public speaking. I dreamed of having the courage to express myself in front of other people. But as the shy kid it seemed unlikely (to me and everyone else!) that I would spend my grown up days speaking in front of a crowd.

I never imagined that studying for a Phd (an introvert’s dream!) would lead to 10 years of me teaching in universities and getting a huge buzz from speaking in front of hundreds of people at international conferences. Life unfolds in mysterious ways!


4 years ago I moved to a tropical island (why not?) and I’ve been helping passionate entrepreneurs, coaches and personal development gurus share their message with bigger audiences (which is secretly what I’ve always wanted to do!).

Why do I do this? Because I’m a talk junkie. I love TedTalks. I love watching live talks. I even trained myself to be a speaker.

But even more than that, I love spreading positive messages. And I love helping people with positive messages find their speaking voice so they can share that good stuff with the world.


I’m a coach and editor combo. In our 60 min Skype coaching calls we get to the heart of your message and find the best way for you to deliver it.

Between sessions you develop and refine your talk and I give you written feedback on it. That way we can use our time on calls together more effectively to move your talk forward.

We work together in packages of 4, 6 or 8 sessions depending on your needs and budget. In our first call (which is complimentary!) we determine how many sessions you’ll need.

Every speaker is different. I tailor our sessions together to match your needs. These are some of the common areas that we can work on together:

Pinpoint your core message and turn it into a structured presentation with a clear call to action.

Weave your content with personal or client stories to deliver compelling talks that people remember.


Learn how to stop shoving too much info into your presentations and overwhelming your audience.

Adjust your talks for different audiences so you can capitalize on new opportunities.


Tap into your own natural charisma to speak with confidence and captivate your audience without faking it.


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