You have something to teach and share

All that’s missing is a clear way to turn it into a course for others to learn

Whether you’re at the beginning of the planning and brainstorming stage, right in the middle of creating content or wanting to revise and refresh your course, there are 3 things you need to know to create courses that will deliver real results.


Teach from your zone of genius and success will follow

Get clear on where your expertise truly lies and how you can create courses from your zone of genius. Find out the most powerful pieces of your teachings and how to share them to educate and engage. Discover how to translate your knowledge and skills into an online course that stands out from the crowd.



Pitch your course at the right level and you’ll have happy customers

Tailor your content to your ideal audience’s most pressing needs. Get feedback on what’s too much content and what’s going to confuse or overwhelm others. Create courses that your peeps can complete on their own without you being there.


People want your course because of the change it’ll create for them

Get the right feedback to know your teachings will be understood and acted upon. Design exercises that work for your audience so they get the positive change they’re looking for. Make a difference by helping others solve a problem they can’t solve without your course.


Becoming a teacher has been the most rewarding thing I could imagine doing. There is a special kind of buzz you get when you teach others what you’ve learnt. Seeing the impact of helping others solve a problem, learn a new skill or enhance their life in an important way is so fulfilling!

I spent 10 years designing course curriculums, teaching classes live and online, and mentoring others how to teach. I watched and learned how to put myself in the audience’s shoes. I discovered how to deliver teachings so they are practical and easily understood.

Now I teach coaches, experts and people like you with something to teach how to turn your expertise into online courses, workshops and retreats. So you can spread your work to more people!

When I was living in England (with all these magical balloons!) I came up with a dream that I could live an endless summer. I wanted the freedom to travel and follow the sun. I thought it would be cool to teach from wherever I was.

I’d never heard of being a digital nomad or even knew I could create my own business and work online. I had no idea how an academic could work without a university. But then I met entrepreneurs who had created businesses offering services using the skills they’d developed in their past careers.

Now I live on a tropical island full-time (hello, endless summer!) and use my academic skills to help people create online courses so they too can have the freedom to work from anywhere (whether that’s their home office or a beach!).

Diane was amazing, she took the time to find out about my teaching style and looked through my content to highlight the gaps and provide feedback on how my course could be improved. As a Business Mentor it is really important to me that I deliver my online courses and workshops to my audience in a way that is not only educational, but also engaging. It was so nice to have confirmation from someone with an academic teaching background that I was on the right track!

Melanie Medigs

Seed to Soul

Diane was the key to putting the puzzle pieces of my coaching expertise into a signature course that allowed me to leverage my time and make more money. As a 1:1 coach, it can sometimes be hard to see a “formula” in what you do to translate it to a teaching format. With Diane’s help, I created my Startup to Sold Out course with ease and confidence that I would deliver results for my students.

Lydia Lee

Screw the Cubicle

It felt amazing to work with someone who genuinely wanted to know exactly what I did in my sessions so that she could help me pull out the teaching principles, common themes and concepts and help me see how all of that can be translated into a powerful, life changing course. By the end of our time together, I had a fully developed eight module course. If you are wanting to create a course and you want an experienced curriculum designer by your side, Diane will hear your unique gifts and help you create something unmistakable.

Lexi Koch

Life Coach


In our 60 min Skype coaching calls we get to the heart of your expertise and find the best way for you to turn it into a course.

Together we uncover your core teachings, outline your course modules, create your teaching materials of videos and written workbooks, and write your sales page.

Between sessions I review your content and give you feedback about how to share your teachings in the most clear and concise way. In our coaching calls we design exercises for your audience to take action and apply your teachings in their own life.

Every person and every course is different. I tailor our sessions to match your needs so you get the most from our time together. These are some of the common areas that we can work on together:


Create a clear structure for your course with modules, lesson plans and the most effective delivery styles for you to share your expertise.

Learn how to teach your content so your customers can learn without you being there in person.


Design simple and effective exercises so your customers get real results, complete your course and recommend your teachings.

Build a course that builds on your natural strengths, matches your brand and stands out from the crowd.


Get into the head of your ideal customers and find out what they need to learn from you and how they need you to teach it.


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