There’s a book inside you waiting to be written

All that’s missing is the focus and feedback to birth it from start to finish

Whether you’ve already started writing, are lost somewhere in the middle or are just holding the idea of a book, there are 3 things you need to do to create a book your audience will love and you will love writing.


One focus means your book will be remembered

Find the core thread of your book that holds it all together by discovering what you really want to share with the world. Use your core thread as the backbone of your book to keep your writing focused and on point. Learn how to use your core thread to transition between chapters and keep your reader interested.


Get your structure right and writing will be easy

Create an outline for your book to give yourself a clear structure to write within. Take your pieces of content and create a sequence of chapters that take your reader on a compelling journey. Find the right chapter format to minimize your edits and complete your book faster.


Feedback will fast track your book

Get an editor’s feedback on your writing to know your message will land with your audience. Discover the most powerful and engaging parts of your writing. Fine-tune your writing style and tone. Find out the gaps in your book and how to fill them so your readers will understand your message and stay tuned to the end.


I followed my love of writing into academia and spent the first 10 years of my work life as a university teacher, writer, editor and mentor. It was a very rewarding career because I got to write, learn and teach (3 of my favorite things!) every single day.

But when I turned 30 my passion shifted away from academia. I’d been devouring self-help and inspirational books since I was a teenager and I really wanted to use my writing skills to have the same kind of positive impact these authors had on me (encouraging people to live bigger, braver and more authentically!).

4 years ago I moved to a tropical island to write in a beautiful place and find the next chapter of my work life. I’d been getting a strong inner nudge to write books for years (it was on my vision board too!) but I just didn’t know how.

So I blogged and edited other people’s blogs. Meanwhile I developed a strong interest in storytelling and learned how to combine story with sharing content.

I discovered that coaches and personal development gurus needed help finding their core message and communicating it in a structured and engaging way (which is why I coach on courses and speaking too!).


I’m a combination of coach and editor. Together we will create a book your audience will love and you will love writing.

In our 60 min Skype coaching calls we get to the heart of your book and find the best way for you to write and structure it. We uncover your book’s core message, create an outline, refine your writing style, and set up your writing schedule so you can finish your book and get it out into the world.

Between sessions you outline and write chapters of your book and I give you written feedback. On our calls together we brainstorm and find clarity on how best to move your book forward, working on any areas that are keeping you stuck or could be taken from good to brilliant.

We work together in packages of 3 or 6 months (or a tailored package) depending on your coaching needs, timeframes and budget. In our first call (which is complimentary!) we determine which package will suit you best.

Every writer is different. I tailor our sessions to match your needs so you get the most from our time together. These are some of the common areas that we can work on together:

Pinpoint your core message so you speak directly to your primary audience.

Weave your content with personal or client stories to educate and entertain your readers.


Learn how to create boundaries for your book so you know exactly what goes in and what should be left out.

Find your most authentic writing voice so readers naturally connect with your book.


Find the right format for your chapters and sequencing for your ideas to deliver a compelling read.


Create writing habits and routines that help you with the focus and commitment to get your book finished.


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