Your message is your mission.

Mine is to help you get really clear on yours.

I help smart intuitive women like you find your authentic voice, capture your message in your own words and elevate yourself as an influential thought leader.

I’ve taught hundreds of coaches and entrepreneurs how to translate their story and expertise into powerful courses, books and presentations. With my help these passionate leaders have found the clarity and confidence to share their truth and reach bigger audiences.

They’ve overcome fears of sharing their story, doubts about their status as an ‘expert’ and resistance to putting their words out there in order to grow themselves and their businesses.

What you need to do is believe in your message more than your fears.

My Story

Like a lot of intuitive women, I’ve often felt guided by something bigger than me.

Many times I’ve felt a gentle inner nudge – sometimes a loud scream – to talk to someone, sign up for a class, and even move to a new country (which I’ve done twice!).

My intellect often resisted, doubting whether I could really pull off what I felt guided to do.

Who was I to dream this big?

But a calling is a calling.

You can delay it but it can’t be ignored forever.

When I let go of the academic career I’d spent a decade building to lean into the new path that was calling me I trusted that I had something bigger to share.

I wanted to use my skills as a writer, editor and speaker to touch people’s lives – to help people step into their potential the way my mentors had done for me.

In 2014 I started my own online coaching business, helping coaches and entrepreneurs confidently share their message with bigger audiences. 

I’ve now been travelling between Bali, Europe and Australia for over 5 years with my business.

Working 1:1 and teaching groups at retreats, I help emerging leaders step powerfully into their truth and deliver it with greater clarity and confidence.

I love being a midwife, helping to deliver precious messages.

I believe in the people I work with and I believe in what they’re here to do.

I’ve worked with women from all over the world – coaches and mentors of all kinds, trainers and consultants, therapists, nutritionists and yoga teachers – who wanted to step forward and embrace their role as important thought leaders.

Together we will clarify your message and turn your genius zone into courses, talks and books that will transform your audience and grow your business.

You’re a woman on a mission. It’s time the world really saw you and everything you have to offer.

Are we the right match?

You have big ideas and even bigger dreams. You’re ready to scale up and get your message in front of more eyes.

You’re here to serve and you know that sharing your story and your hard-earned wisdom is what you’ve been put on this earth to do.

You’ve got the passion and the determination to play bigger and make a bigger impact with your work – you just need the right help to get there.

You’re ready to stop circling around your message and finally nail what it is you’re here to share.

You’ve spent long enough watching other people write books, create courses and deliver talks – and grow their business as a result – and now you’re ready to put your work out there in a bigger way too.

A little bit of over sharing, for those interested…

I’m Australian but I’ve also lived in England and Bali for long enough to call both of these places home. In 2018 I married an amazing Dutch man so I will soon be able to add The Netherlands to my list of home bases.

A good coffee shop also feels like home but I don’t actually drink coffee. I have a habit of leaving half drunk cups of rooibos tea around my house. I believe drinking from a teapot always tastes better.

Deep conversations are my speciality. I love listening to someone share their story and I find it magical that we stumble across important insights and aha moments when we trade stories.

Whenever I can I write, learn or creating content while lounging on a couch. I save my desk for serious business like client calls.

Saturday mornings are for writing dates – just me and my laptop (and the book I’m working on).

If I had an addiction it would be my Kindle. I adore memoirs and I’m constantly hungry for personal development books.

Dancing is my creative sweet spot. My husband and I do salsa and I get a lot of my best ideas on the ecstatic dance floor.

I met my husband while he was on holiday in Bali after asking The Universe to bring me a salsa-dancing boyfriend (seriously!). 2 years later we got married on the island.

Ways to work with me:

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