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My name is Diane Hopkins.

I’m a Teaching Coach and Curriculum Consultant.

I help Coaches like you convert your coaching expertise into teaching materials to share with bigger audiences so you can:


Buy back your time from 1:1 coaching


Create products at a price-point that is accessible to a wider range of people


Reach and help more people with your glorious work


Generate time and space for more freedom in your own life, and


Make a bigger impact with your message

I have spent 10 years working as a teacher, conference speaker, published author and mentor in adult education in Australia and England.

In this time I learned how to capitalise on my personality and natural teaching style to stand out in a crowded market of experts, and mentored others to find their own winning formula.

I combine communication and learning strategies with personal development techniques to help you teach bigger audiences and expand your impact.

Now I’m here to pass on what I’ve learnt about how to become a rising star and gain recognition in your field. This is my vision for you.

I’ve been hooked on personal development since I was a teenager and my life has improved and unfolded in incredible ways because of the many teachers that I’ve followed and personally worked with.

That’s why I work with wellness, life and business coaches who help their tribe bring alive their very own personal and professional dreams.

My mission is to empower coaches to become important teachers and thought-leaders in their communities.


A brief story of my journey here:

I stumbled across a passion for teaching while I was studying for my PhD after getting bored in my office job. My interest in personal development helped me overcome fears about public speaking, publishing and sharing my voice in front of large audiences.

A few years later I suffered a major burnout (chronic fatigue syndrome) and in the years it took me to recover I discovered that I had been running on empty, stressed out all the time and majorly out of balance in my life. Something big had to change.

I followed a new dream to live abroad. I moved from Australia for a great teaching and research job in an English University where I was able to travel on the conference speaker circuit in Europe and develop and host an international conference.

But my passion for personal development started to overtake my interest in my university career and I started to feel there was something else I was meant to be doing. I quit my job and moved to Bali to start my own business coaching online entrepreneurs.

Ways to work with me:

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