Are you feeling queasy or confused by the idea of writing your bio for that upcoming presentation, workshop, guest blog or interview?

Writing about yourself is difficult because it’s hard to sum up your work experience in 1 or 2 paragraphs and also not feel like a jerk for talking up your own accomplishments.

Watch my latest video below where I reveal the 3 things you must include in your professional bio in order to promote yourself and get people excited about what you do.



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Your bio is not an About Page

Don’t tell your personal story like you would in an About Page.

Your bio should promote you and your work in a short snapshot. Use promotional rather than storytelling language as your write.

Your bio isn’t a CV either

Don’t describe all your achievements and work experience – that would read as very dull!

Instead you should present your most successful and interesting accomplishments and tell us what your mission or purpose is with your work. Exclude anything that isn’t relevant to the future direction of your work.

Don’t know what to include in your bio? Use the 3 bucket technique

Dip into all 3 buckets when you write your bio:

# 1st bucket: Your credentials

Include your most important (and relevant) accomplishments and work experience. Be selective and focus on the information that promotes the work you’re currently doing.

# 2nd bucket: Your purpose

What is your personal mission? What do you stand for in your niche? Sharing your mission and what you stand for helps us know more about what you do and who you are (beneath the accomplishments). It’s an opportunity for you to become known for something.

# 3rd bucket: Your personality

What can we expect from you? Tell us a bit about your personality or style of working that makes you unique. Spice up your bio with an interesting tidbit about yourself that provokes interest from your audience.

Be bold, promote yourself!

Finally, be bold and really promote yourself. Don’t shy away from ‘talking yourself up’: that’s what a bio is supposed to do. Your job is to present the very best and brightest version of you in a paragraph or two.

Need inspiration? Here’s some examples

Marie Forleo summarizes a big list of accomplishments (without it getting boring like in a CV!) and shares her personal mission so we know what she stands for.











Tamsen Webster uses promotional language to talk about her work experience and lets us know exactly what we can expect from working with her (by hinting at her personality and outlining how she approaches her work).








Tamsen’s longer bio (pictured below) showcases more of her personality. If you’ve got more words to play with, you can have fun showing us more about who you are as a person!













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