Isn’t it frustrating seeing people with less expertise than you getting more followers on Facebook and more likes in FB groups?

It’s a common problem I see with people that have a lot of expertise. They have so much to share that the real message gets lost in all that information. And that’s a shame! It means the shinier, louder messages rise about the worthy material you have to share.

Here are the 3 most common mistakes I see people that have a lot of expertise to share make and how to avoid them so your message gets the attention it deserves:



The most common mistake I see is putting too much content into the 1 social media post (and yes, I’ve fallen into this trap many times!)

Social media requires bite-size snippets of content. This doesn’t mean it needs to be super short or you can’t give detailed content. But you should only be having 1 main point per post (not 3 or more).

Your audience should immediately understand what you’re trying to tell them (without needing to sift through it!).

If you struggle with this a general rule-of-thumb is to try and split your content into as many different posts as possible. You’ll soon get into the habit of 1 point per post.



It’s common to share advice without giving the context that helps us make sense of it. These are the kind of posts that get overlooked, despite the value they have to offer.

You’ve got a process, a technique or tips to share but alone these come across to your audience as dry, impersonal and not super relevant.

Tell a story or give an example (real or hypothetical) to bring life and context to your advice.

This not only makes your content more interesting, it helps your audience see the real-life value in what you’re sharing…which is the main point, right?



Social media is social. It’s about developing conversations rather than presenting dry information. Your posts should be written to spark conversation.

And the easiest way to spark conversation (easier than asking questions or trying to get into the head of your ideal client) is to reveal something about yourself.

Sharing something you’ve experienced and how you overcame it is the best way of demonstrating your expertise (even better than an impressive CV!).

Let go of your expert hat and share your inner student with us…so we can share our experiences with you. This is how the conversation gets started.


The trick with using social media as a platform to build your business is getting the right balance between sharing your expertise and connecting with people through conversations.

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