Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting the traction your deserve in your business?

You’re doing a lot of things right but you’re frustrated because you can’t figure out what you need to do differently to take your business to the next level.

If you’re not getting the traction you deserve, then 1 or more of the following 4 factors are tripping up your success:



The first reason you might not be getting traction with your target market is that you’re not getting in front of them enough.

For you to be seen through the crowd of online marketing and on social media, you need to show up and put your content out consistently for people to notice you. This means investing in delivering content regularly and putting it in multiple places until your audience knows you well enough to come find you.

Present your content and offer to talk (live or online) as much as you can. Don’t let perfectionism or fear of being seen stop you from being noticed by the people who could really use your help.


SOLUTION: Put yourself out there more often and in more places so you increase the chance of your target market seeing you.



Showing up in the wrong places means you’re putting yourself in front of the wrong audience. It’s hard to get clients or good responses on your content if you’re pitching to an unreceptive market.

If you’re a folksy singer-songwriter and your audience is expecting Taylor Swift, then it’s going to be a difficult sale.

Finding the right places can take some experimentation. It helps to follow the thread of people who give you good feedback and see where you can find more of those type of people. Let go of the others that don’t respond to your work, they’re not your audience to convert.


SOLUTION: Showing up in front of a receptive audience makes your job easier because they are already warm to your message.



If you’re not using your strengths or trying to copy other people, then it’s unlikely you’re going to get the traction you deserve.

People value both authenticity and talent. Clients will be attracted to you when you’re working in your zone of genius, doing the things that you naturally do best. When you’re being yourself in a style that feels natural to you you’ll magnetize a tribe to your work.

Showing up as the best of you means picking the right marketing platforms and style of communication to match your strengths. It doesn’t mean trying to be great at everything or simply following the crowd leaders if they have different strengths.


SOLUTION: Knowing yourself and how you can harness your strengths means you can show up as the best possible version of you.



If you know you’re in front of the right audience, your putting out content regularly and you’re doing it using your strengths, then the problem could be that your message is getting lost in translation.

When we write and speak, we tend to assume that everyone thinks and feels like we do. Then we get surprised when someone doesn’t understand what we’re trying to say.

Mastering the art of communication means learning how to deliver your message in a way that your audience can relate to. Sometimes this means adapting your language and other times it’s just about simplifying your knowledge so it can be understood.

Listen to the words that resonate with others and fine-tune your delivery by watching what communication techniques the leaders in your field use to get their message heard.


SOLUTION: Make sure to translate your message into words that your target audience can understand and relate to you.


Once you know what it is that’s holding you back from getting the traction you deserve, you can focus your efforts in the right places and start sharing your work with more people.

Find out how you can get better traction with your target audience, and reach more people with your message.

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