The problem I see with some business mentors is that they teach their clients to do the same things that worked for them.

They forget the core principle underpinning everything they’ve done themselves:



It’s easy to fall into the trap of copying our mentors and role-models, assuming that their steps to success will be the same as ours.

The best mentors don’t try to make you into a mini-me. Yes, they teach you the principles of their success but they show you how to apply them using your unique strengths. These mentors recognise your road to success will be uniquely yours.

And the most successful people don’t find success by following. They learn from others and then lead – in their own unique way.



Too often I see people scattering their efforts in too many places – or the wrong places – because they don’t know their own strengths. They get stuck at a certain level of business success because they can’t see where to focus their energy and time.

Usually they are undervaluing their strengths. We tend to do this because they come so naturally to us we don’t even see them. Or they feel so easy to us we feel it’s a trick and we should be working harder.

Very often we have a block that comes from our conditioning as children or young adults.



We were told that bossy was bad. Or sensitive was weak. Or art wouldn’t make us money. Or we talk too much – or too little.

Often we’ve grown up believing we have to be different to who we fundamentally are – and so we spend a lot of our efforts directing our time to pursuing activities outside of our natural strengths.


Whether you’re starting out or scaling up in your business, this same principle applies:



There’s always things we’re going to find challenging along the way but pushing our comfort zones (a healthy thing to do) and learning new skills (an inevitable part of building and growing a business) is not the same as pointing our business in the wrong direction.

The more you can focus your business on your natural strengths, the easier (and more enjoyable) you’ll find the journey.


It can be hard to see what you’re really good at. Here are 3 tips to find out:



The positive feedback you get now in your business is the best clue. Your best bits will be the things your clients and peers repeatedly comment on.

Notice what your clients say you helped them the most with. Pay attention to the blogs, webinars and social media posts that get the most feedback. What are the repeating themes in the things you do that others really love and appreciate?


Hint: Consider both what you practically help the most with (finding their own truth, teaching them how to use tech, guiding them to grow their business) and the effect you have on others (e.g. calming, inspiring, clarifying, motivating, energizing).



Sometimes the missing piece can be found in your past. Your natural strengths will show up in whatever you do – especially in your past jobs and careers.

Look past the job description or type of business and spot the bits you excelled at. Were you good at presenting, coming up with strategies, organising events, leading others past their fears, writing clear reports?


Hint: You may not have been given full rein in your past to work in your areas of strength so make sure you don’t miss them. It’ll be easier to recognise your strengths if previous bosses or business partners valued what they were. You may want to ask former workmates for a better assessment.


The best way to identify your strengths is by asking yourself what feels easy, fun and in flow.

Your clients and customers are paying for what you do best so if you focus your work more in these areas you can offer them more value and increase your own perceived value.


Hint: You’ll know it when you feel it because you could spend hours doing it without getting tired or bored or frustrated. Time disappears and you’re so engaged in what you’re doing you forget to eat or take a break.


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