If you’re a little quieter than most of your friends, if you thrive when you have time alone to recharge and reflect, and if you enjoy thinking things through before you act, then you’re an introvert.

The introverts of the world are especially well-suited to creating online courses to teach what they know. Introverts pay attention to detail, listen closely to what others say and need, and love creating new things on their own.

Here are 7 good reasons why you should be creating online courses if you’re an introvert:


Creating an online course requires lots of alone time mulling over your ideas and sitting in front of your computer writing and creating. This is an introvert’s dream! You get inspiration from other people and the world around you but your ideas all come together when you’re alone.

Many of the tasks involved in creating an online course (from research and content creation to managing your course when it’s up and running with students) require working by yourself. The process of creating course materials is a real buzz when you thrive from alone time.

Use your afternoons as quiet time for creating an online course. It’s a great way to maintain a healthy mix of time connecting with others and being on your own.



Putting together an online course requires plenty of planning and this is what introverts really excel at. Besides planning out your time (for things like marketing and creating content) you’ll need to plan out the actual stuff you’re going to teach.

Your naturally tendency to mull things over makes you well-suited to mapping out the pieces of your course and how those pieces fit together to create learning for others.

You’ll love mind maps for creating your course. Scribble down your ideas and arrange them into course modules. Mind maps are an introvert’s best friend when it comes to getting all the ideas out of your head. Plus, your love of planning means it’s a task you’ll really enjoy.



Introverts like you love the creative process. You could spend all day coming up with new ideas. If someone could peer inside your mind they would see a whole tribe of ideas just waiting to be turned into something.

Use your love of birthing new things into the world to create an online courses that will help others learn a new skill. The satisfaction you will get from creating and launching an online course will fill up your creativity bucket and keep you energized and inspired.



Life is one big research project for introverts. You notice things that others don’t and pay attention to what motivates people’s behavior.

Your natural observation skills come in real handy when you’re designing a course that others will want to buy. You have a great talent for spotting unmet demand in the market and delivering products that help people with their problems.

Just be careful not to stay too long in observer mode and actually get started creating your course.



You spend so much time listening to other people talk that you tend to really understand what goes on inside their head. Your listening superpower is extremely useful when it comes to creating online courses.

Understanding what people want, what they struggle with and how they learn (all of which can be spotted from attentive listening) is the backbone to building a remarkable course.

Use your natural tendency to listen closely to other people when you create your course. Having a deep understanding of how people can learn and create change will help your course stand out.



All courses include written material, even those that are video-based. Your writing and communication skills will be of great benefit when you’re creating instructional content and exercise worksheets.

The introvert trademark attention to detail means the courses you create will be full of value and include all the bits of information your tribe will need to complete the course and learn everything they signed up for.

Your writing skills will be very important when you start marketing your course and have to explain to potential customers why they should buy from you.



You often feel more comfortable answering questions when you have time to think before you respond. Online courses allow you to interact via email or online discussion forums so you don’t always need to answer questions on the spot.

Turn frequently asked questions asked into bonus “how-to” resources to send to your participants. Pre-record a video or create a worksheet to guide people through their trouble spots.



Introverts get great satisfaction from creating online courses to pass on what they’ve learnt.

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