How To Balance Inspiration And Getting Things Done

by Diane Hopkins

How To Balance Inspiration And Getting Things Done

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Mindset | 0 comments

What do all the teachers that facilitate remarkable change for others have in common?

They see something very important. The one thing that others usually can’t.


Remarkable teachers see the potential in others – not what they are currently doing in their life – but what they are capable of.

Think about a successful publishing company. Chances are they are skilled at seeing the potential in a book before it becomes successful.

Teachers do the same. They can see the greatest potential in others before it becomes realised.

It’s easy to miss this. To judge others based on first impression or a snapshot of how they are travelling. A depressed person seems incapable of starting a new business. A shy introvert looks unlikely to become a public speaker.

My first grade teacher wasn’t very astute in seeing potential. She wanted to hold me back a year. I wasn’t answering questions in class and she assumed I was falling behind.

But the problem wasn’t my ability to understand first grade reading and writing. It was my shyness.

My mum knew this. She suggested to the teacher that she call on me in class and ask me questions directly.

The teacher was stunned. I knew every answer and she never even had a clue.

Why? Because she never saw past me not raising my hand to see what I was truly capable of.

Great teachers are skilled at seeing the highest potential of other people. They actively look for it, dig it out and encourage others to become it.

Seeing potential in others is a practice of looking for it. It’s a muscle that develops over time and it’s like looking through the world as if you’re in love with every person.

Each person is brilliant, shiny bud of untapped potential.

But seeing it is not enough.

It is also our responsibility to hold a vision of it and encourage others to rise to meet who they are capable of being.

That’s what remarkable teachers do. They never give up looking for potential and they never stop believing that everyone can live out their potential.

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