Creating posts to share in Facebook groups is a great opportunity to share your expertise, build your list and get known as an expert. But sharing in these groups does not always come naturally. It takes practice.

There’s some well liked FB formats that can short cut your learning curve and help you share your expertise in an engaging and relatable way. So your audience can easily absorb it.

In this post I share 5 formats you can use to demonstrate your expertise in FB groups.

Some general rules for social media posting:
  1. Give value by solving problems for your ideal client
  2. Choose just 1 main insight or point per social media share
  3. Be conversational – aim to educate and engage
  4. Explain insights with a story (yours, a client’s or an example that connects with your ideal client)
  5. Get content ideas by looking at what your ideal client is talking about

Once you get into a nice rhythm with these rules, you’ll find your own unique FB posting groove and style.

Combine this with the following 5 formats and you’ll have an easy time posting and batching your social media content in advance.


Here are 5 facebook sharing formats for you to try:


Give a top tip that is something you’d recommend your ideal client should do. It could be a single tip or a step-by-step process. Explain why they should be doing it and how it will help them achieve their goals.

Your expertise is showed by the actions, processes and mindsets you recommend for your ideal client. They get to see the scope of your expertise and whether your particular approach is compatible with them.



Answer a common question your ideal client has. Their question could be something that they’re trying to figure out or want to know how to do. Your answer should give them a new direction or solution.

Your expertise is in your ability to solve a specific problem for your ideal client. You become the go-to person who has the right answers.



Address a common struggle your ideal client faces. What are they worried or concerned about? Give them some reassuring advice about how to deal with their struggle.

Your expertise is in understanding your ideal client. Once you’ve demonstrated you understand them, they’re more likely to trust that you have the right solution.



Share with your ideal client a personal insight based on a lesson you’ve learned. Use a story from your own life to teach your ideal client an important point. How has this situation changed your actions or perspective? It could be a major life lesson or a simple daily reflection.

Your expertise is in your lived experience. By sharing a personal insight you’re walking your talk and connecting with your ideal client at the same level as them.



Describe a client breakthrough you’ve been pivotal in creating. Show what’s possible after people work with you or buy your products by explaining what helped them overcome a big block or challenge. Be sure that you offer tips or an insight so you’re giving value and not just selling yourself.

Your expertise is clearly shown by demonstrating the role you play in helping your ideal client achieve their goals. The outcomes your clients reach then speak for themselves.



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