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My name is Diane Hopkins.
I have spent over a decade working as a speaker, teacher and mentor.
Find out more about how I can help you teach your expertise to bigger audiences.
putting the puzzle pieces of my coaching expertise into a signature course

Diane was the key to putting the puzzle pieces of my coaching expertise into a signature course that allowed me to leverage my time and make more money.

As a 1:1 coach, it can sometimes be hard to see a “formula” in what you do to translate it to a teaching format.

With Diane’s help, I created my Startup to Sold Out course with ease and confidence that I would deliver results for my students.

Lydia Lee

Screw the Cubicle

a way that is not only educational, but also engaging

Diane was amazing, she took the time to find out about my teaching style and looked through my content to highlight the gaps and provide feedback on how my course could be improved. It was so nice as a business owner to have confirmation from someone with an academic teaching background that I was on the right track!

As a Business Mentor it is really important to me that I deliver my online courses and workshops to my audience in a way that is not only educational, but also engaging. Diane has helped me to plan how to do this.

It is so comforting to know that someone has your back and your interest at heart for you to succeed!

Melanie Medigs

Seed to Soul

hear your unique gifts and help you create something unmistakable 

It felt amazing to work with someone who genuinely wanted to know exactly what I did in my sessions so that she could help me pull out the teaching principles, common themes and concepts and help me see how all of that can be translated into a powerful, life changing course.

By the end of our time together, I had a fully developed eight module course. If you are wanting to create a course and you want an experienced curriculum designer by your side, Diane will hear your unique gifts and help you create something unmistakable.

Lexi Koch

Lexi Koch Coaching

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